Airport Seating Alliance Completes Install of 1,500 Seats at TSA Training Center at Lackland AFB

Memphis, TN – Airport Seating Alliance has completing installing 1,500 passenger seats with Power and Go seat charging technology at the TSA Canine Training Center at Lackland Air Force Base as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s upgrade and improvement to their canine training facility.

All passenger seats in several building were replaced with ASA’s Summit Model in 3-, 4-seat units configured to maximize seating capacity in all areas, says James Hammond, General Manager of ASA. Installation took place this month and was completed in about a weeks’ time with minimal interruption to training services, he noted.

“This facility has many buildings that are designed as real life mock-ups such as airports, airplanes, trains and more,” Hammond says. “These mock-ups assist the military dogs and their handlers in their 12 week training program for real life duty in all airports in the U.S. and military bases around the world.”

Also installed as part of the project, 6-seat clusters with a center table and Power and Go charging were added.  “These particular seating clusters enhance an area’s layout while allowing passengers personal space for comfort. ”

Power and Go’s many features include USB Type A, Type C and Combination Type A & C. Custom parallel module wiring keeps individual seating boxes from losing power.

Also beneficial is the fast charging speed by the Power and Go’s 5 Amp USB circuit breaker. It is fully UL Listed (UL962A), has an LED Power Indicator and is tamper-resistant. “The Airport Seating Alliance Power and Go charging module is the only Commercial Grade, fully UL Listed pre-wired lounge seating power delivery system,” notes Hammond. “Power Modules provide an easy means of charging user devices while meeting custom space requirements unique to airports. The Power and Go charging modules can be mounted to most tables or tandem seating models using a custom designed bracket.”

Another part of this project included 10 each, 2-agent check-in counters to complete this training facility.  Each check-in counter was equipped with drawers, shelves, doors, and baggage scale wells.

Airport Seating Alliance is a woman-owned small business that manufactures quality public seating for waiting areas at airports and other transportation facilities. Partnerships enable ASA to also supply interior products such as charging stations (or tables) and custom check-in counters.

For more information, contact James Hammond at or at (901) 685-8263.