Summit Seating in Polyurethane or Wood

Summit is Airport Seating Alliance's newest and most modern addition to its comprehensive range of seating.  Summit features all polyurethane or wood options for seats and backs.  Comfort, design, durability, and easy maintenance make Summit an easy choice.  Summit seating systems offer numerous configurations allowing for customization and easy arrangement. Units can be configured back-to-back with connectors or combined to form continuous rows.


Support beams are heavy gauge, 1.5mm thick, 2.3" x 2.3" cold-rolled tubular steel and allow for easy attachment of legs, seat frames, tables and armrests wherever required along the beam.  

Seat & Back

The polyurethane seat and back are 1" (25mm) thick molded polyurethane with a high quality wood insert for extra support. The molded polyurethane is extremely durable, moisture resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

The wood seat and back are .5" (12mm) thick high quality molded wood with a satin or laminate finish.  All finishes are easy to clean and maintain.  *See Wood Finishes for color options.

Arms & Legs

The high quality durable arms and legs are made from die cast aluminum.  The armrests are designed to be compact and comfortable. Legs sit firmly on anti-slide glides.  Standard color is Metallic Silver. *See Metal Finishes for color option.


Tabletops are supplied in laminated melamine with waterproof and stain resistant properties. Standard table tops measure 20 x 16 inches and can be placed at any position on the beam.  Table tops can be customized to order.  Standard color is black.  *See Table finishes for color options.


  • Available as 2, 3, 4, 5-seat units
  • End arms, All arms or No arms
  • Injection molded polyurethane seats (black), (color options available) MOQ
  • Free standing legs, Floor mounted (no glides)
  • Metal finishes: Powder coated, Standard color: Metallic Silver JS-102 (color options available)
  • Wood finishes: *see wood finishes
  • Cluster configurations available
  • All metal is 100% Recyclable


Metal Finishes


Wood Finishes


Table Finishes


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